Vegan Free-Runner Tim Shieff Crowned ‘Last Man Standing’ at Ninja Warrior UK Finale

Vegan Free-Runner Tim Shieff Crowned ‘Last Man Standing’ at Ninja Warrior UK Finale

Vegan free-runner Tim Shieff has been crowned the “Last Man Standing” at the “Ninja Warrior UK” season finale.

The fourth season of the wildly popular obstacle course game show, which challenges contestants to take their best shot at a series of grueling physical challenges, ended without a winner as no participants were able to take on the final stage. However, The Independent reports that Shieff came closer to victory than any other contestant in the history of the British version of the show.

The 30-year-old vegan athlete fell backward as he navigated the flying bars, the last part of the course’s penultimate challenge. Had he made it to the end, he would have been the first contestant in the show’s history to take on the final stage of the challenge.

Shieff shared his experience of nearly making it to the end with show host Rochelle Humes: “I’ve never done this obstacle before in my life. Each catch takes a lot out of you. Not only are you catching the bar, but you are stopping from rotating as well. It’s quite a unique muscle you’re using. I thought ‘let me just swing to the platform and I’ll go’. That was the last swing and all she wrote.”

Following the loss, Shieff took to social media to speak to his fans. “Thanks for all the messages of support,” Shieff wrote“I had fun on that course and got to test my mental growth. Raw vegan diet, studying Conor McGregor @TheNotoriousMMA and Kodak Black playing in my head got me through on 2 weeks notice. Not sure if I’ll be back.”

Many fans and experts had speculated that Shieff would be the man to win this season of “Ninja Warrior UK.” He was the top contestant during the first series, where he managed to make it further than any other athlete then as well. Shieff went on to become a finalist in the second series.

During this year’s competition, Shieff made history by setting the record for the fastest time ever in the history show, finishing the obstacle course in under a minute. Following the record-setting feat, the vegan athlete partially credited his success to his plant-based diet.

Image Credit: Tim Shieff