These Vegan French ‘Superfood’ Macarons Are Actually Kind of Good for You

These Vegan French 'Superfood' Macarons Are Actually Kind of Good for You

These are my favorite biscuits to share with those I love the most! They are soft, crunchy and absolutely delicious!

Whether you’re in the mood for a cookie, two cookies, an extra thick Oreo, a French macaron, or simply a sweet treat – this is the recipe for you!

I’ve received many compliments and praise from my friends, family, and online followers regarding these cookie sandwiches. They’re simply glorious.

I love that with this recipe, many people are able to enjoy them. Those with intolerances or allergies to dairy, eggs, shellfish, and more will be able to eat these without worry. Not to mention, vegans and vegetarians can eat them (and likely will). Even those who eat an omnivorous diet can appreciate a good cookie sandwich when they see one, even more so when they taste one.

I’m a bit of a health junkie. I love a good healthy meal or snack. But, I also love indulgence. I don’t want to be deprived of the tasty yet unhealthy yet ethical foods I enjoy. As one would expect, however, cookie sandwiches (even the vegan ones) aren’t too high on the health scale. So I set out to make a healthy version and achieved just that.

In addition to being free of animal products, cholesterol, and other processed nasties, these cookie sandwiches are free of refined sugar. Moreover, the creamy filling is packed with antioxidant- and nutrient-rich superfoods — which are what give the cookie sandwiches the vibrant, bright colors!

On which occasions should these be served, one may wonder. They’re so versatile, the answer is just about anywhere. For an LGBTQ+ positive event, make rainbow cookie sandwiches. For a healthy yet sweet tooth-satiating snack, make a batch for yourself. For a post-workout refuel, reach for these. Serving guests or heading to a pot luck? These cookies may help you quickly shoot to the top of the party popularity ladder. Make enough to share!

I’ve taken these to a pot luck with friends and boy, they were eaten fast. I believe they were the first plate of food completely cleaned off.


This recipe was republished with permission from Josefina Morena-Paz.