Vegan Friendly Ingredients List

Vegan Friendly Ingredients List



All of which are great for you nutritionally speaking; no cholesterol as with all plants, they are also low in saturated fat and sodium and very good sources of protein. Luckily beans and legumes are also very versatile and you can use them in an array of recipes such as black bean brownies,  lentil daal, cannelini-bean pesto or hummus (from chickpeas), to name a few.


This is the liquid in your canned chickpeas. Don’t throw it out! You can use it to make vegan-mayonnaise, meringue, mousse, ice cream, butter, cheese and marshmallows or as an egg-replacer for baking


Grains are great sources of slow releasing energy (glucose) which help to keep our bodies satiated for longer durations. Eating unrefined grains and other starches have been shown to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases such as prostate and breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes as well as linking with weight loss and overall lower BMI. Examples of whole/unrefined grains are rice, couscous, whole grain pasta, quinoa, and barley. If you are interested in learning more about introducing more starches and carbohydrates in your diet for the aforementioned benefits, we highly recommend checking out Dr John McDougall‘s book entitled  “The Starch Solution” where he uncovers the science behind regaining your health and losing weight permanently without going hungry.


Associated with a range of health benefits including lower blood sugar levels, fewer respiratory problems or cancer associated deaths, nuts are not only a perfect snack to help boost your energy after a work out. Interestingly, although great sources of good-fat, they have not been found to be associated with weight gain. Dr Michael Greger recommends only a few servings a week to boost life longevity.
Nuts are particularly versatile and can be used in a range of ways to make great substitutes for dairy products such as cheese, cheese sauces, cheesecakes etc. Or simply used as salad topping.


Nutritional Yeast is the way to go to make anything taste cheesy. Its health benefits include B vitamins, cancer fighting properties, and being a complete protein. Use it as a replacement for parmesan, meal topping or as an ingredient to cheese sauces, or popcorn/homemade chip-flavourings. Sometimes referred to as ‘Nooch’, you can often find it in health food stores, some supermarkets or of course like anything else, on Amazon.


Flaxseeds are incredibly nutritious and packed full of with fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids (which you can also get from algae supplements or walnuts and avoid the harmful toxins in fish oil). Easy ways to incorporate Flax into your diet is to use as a breakfast topping, blend in with smoothies or as an egg replacement in baked-goods (simply combine 1 part water to 2 parts ground flax)


A tropical fruit originating from Asia (and available in the canned, dried or frozen variety in many Asian grocery stores across the West).  The texture of Jackfruit is often likened to chicken or pulled pork and is frequently used as a meat substitute. From tinned, it’s particularly easy to prepare – use in anything from taco fillings, BBQ sliders, curries or noodle dishes.


Simply a perfect alternative to honey. Maple syrup is a delicious natural sweetener which works well for baking, salad dressings and glazes.


Tempeh is fermented soy beans (similar, but also not, to Tofu) it can be one of the best staple sources of protein and a filling alternative to meat products. You can make an array of meals with Tempeh, from ‘meat’ balls to vegan-fried fish and sandwich fillers.


Similar to Tempeh, Tofu is both healthy and versatile. You can use extra firm tofu in things like stir frys, tofu-scrambles and many other creative meals, or simply add as an additional source of protein to your meal. Silken Tofu is softer and can be blended to make creamy dressings or desserts. With the consumption of soy foods in general being actively associated with fewer cases of breast cancer, it’s a particularly good choice for those seeking healthy meat-replacements.