7 Vegan-Friendly Zero Waste Gifts That Don’t Suck

Giving zero waste gifts this Christmas is a great way to celebrate the holiday and the planet simultaneously. As a bonus, vegan waste-free presents are both creative and memorable, perhaps even more so than many store-bought gifts.

7 Vegan-Friendly Zero Waste Christmas Gifts for Every Budget

These nine gift ideas will leave a mark this festive season – not on the planet, but on the mind and heart of your loved one who won’t forget your thoughtful gesture.

1. Homemade Food

Making food for your giftee is a thoughtful and creative gesture that will leave their hearts as full as their tummies. Why not gift them a night off from cooking and washing the dishes?

If you know any of their favorite ingredients, you could incorporate them into your cooking. For instance, a chocolate-lover might enjoy these vegan brownies with peanut butter. Or you could prepare plant-based garlic, cheese, and spinach pizza rolls; meat-free chicken parmigiana; or vegan aquafaba French macarons. Just make sure you are aware of any allergies before jumping into the kitchen!

Check out tonnes of other plant-based recipes here.

2. “Naked” Lush Products

Cruelty-free veggie cosmetics brand Lush offers a number of packaging-free beauty products. Most of them are vegan, and you can find anything from shampoo to bath bombs, to face cleansers and hair masks, to body wash and makeup, all available completely naked. Lush has two naked stores — one in Milan and one in Berlin — but you can also purchase its products online.

3. Experiences

Gifts like these can last a lifetime in memories. Consider purchasing tickets to a concert, film, sports event, or the ballet. You and your pal could also visit a museum or animal sanctuary together, which are often free or have a coin donation entry fee. You could also go ice skating, indoor rock climbing, or any other activity your loved one enjoys.

4. Everyday Items

Practical gifts like these are great because you know they will be used and appreciated. You can help your loved one live a more eco-friendly life by buying them re-usable organic face wipes, or a bamboo wood toothbrush by cruelty-free and vegan-certified brand Wowe.

Other great vegan zero waste presents include wooden on-the-go utensils, metal straws, or natural, waste-free deodorant – like this tea tree deodorant cream from vegan brand Meow Meow Tweet. It contains no aluminum, palm oil, parabens, or sulfates and its packaging is entirely biodegradable.

5. Memberships

Memberships are gifts that keep on giving. You could buy a fitness-focused friend a membership to their local gym or a music lover could get engrossed in new sounds and old classics with a premium Spotify membership. Film buffs will love a subscription to Netflix and friends who always have their nose in a book might enjoy Audible.

6. “Adopt” an Animal

Animal lovers will sleep soundly knowing they have contributed to the rescue of one of their favorite creatures. You can “adopt” just about any animal species, from giraffes to polar bears to monkeys to turkeys, with the money going toward the rescue, rehabilitation, or upkeep of the animal. Many organizations also offer regular updates of the newly-adopted animal.

7. Learn a New Skill

Give the gift of knowledge or creative expression by purchasing some lessons for a loved one. They could attend dance classes, cooking tutorials, pottery workshops, or tuition for a musical instrument. Do they already play guitar? Maybe they want to learn the piano or drums. Tune into their interests. Has your giftee always talked about traveling to France? They might love attending some French classes purchased by you – their new best friend, who gives the best gifts ever.

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