Vegan Garlic, Cheese, and Spinach Pizza Rolls Recipe

Vegan Garlic, Cheese, and Spinach Pizza Rolls Recipe

I’m still trying to master a great, thin-crust Neapolitan-style pizza out of my own kitchen. Until that day arrives (it may never arrive), these vegan Spinach & Cheese Pizza Rolls have become our at-home garlicky, cheesy pizza fix.

I’ll definitely be making these vegan spinach & cheese pizza rolls appetizers for upcoming holiday parties. They’re so appetizing and tasty, I’m confident these cheesy, garlicky little pinwheels will go fast. They look and smell fantastic, and with a side of pizza sauce for dipping, I think they’re gonna be irresistible.

They’re so easy to eat, they’d be great for game-day or movie-night get-togethers, too. And they’re just the right size to pack for lunch. Just warm them a bit in the microwave—and don’t forget the dipping sauce!

These vegan spinach & cheese pizza rolls are amazing piping-hot, right out of the oven. But even when they’ve cooled down to room temp, they’re still delicious. Imagine a spinachy-garlicky-creamy piece of garlic bread. How bad can that be?!

I think this recipe works so well where some other vegan pizza recipes fall down, because the ‘basil tofu ricotta’ mixture is rolled up inside the dough, so it doesn’t dry out when it bakes. (Sorry Daiya, but I can’t stand the taste of fake vegan cheese!) And you really don’t get a tofu taste when you eat these, which is a plus for people who don’t care for it.

There are a few steps involved in making these pizza rolls, but it goes pretty fast, especially if you buy the pizza dough and sauce pre-made. (Of course, if you have a recipe you love, or you’re gluten- or oil-free, by all means, make your own.)

If you have a rolling pin, I recommend using it to roll out your pizza dough to achieve a nice, even thickness. For healthier rolls, I like a whole-grain pizza crust—like the fresh, refrigerated multi-grain pizza dough at Whole Foods.

You can make big, cinnamon-bun size, vegan spinach & cheese pizza rolls like I did here. We just tore them apart with our hands for dipping. Or, you can cut your roll into smaller sections to create more servings and a smaller, 2-bite snack.

I like to dip these vegan spinach & cheese pizza rolls in my favorite store-bought pizza sauce (I really like Rustic brand), or  you could use marinara sauce. For an extra dose of vegan cheesiness, along with the pizza sauce, I think they’d taste great dipped in some gently warmed Vegan Easy Cheezy Sauce. Tangy-saucy, double-cheesy, yum!

For a make-your-own, oil-free, whole wheat pizza dough, try this recipe from Genius Kitchen (but sub plant milk for milk). I haven’t made it myself, but it has good reviews online.

This whole-food, plant-based recipe was inspired by Spinach & Artichoke Rolls, from one of my favorite vegan food blogs, Rabbit and Wolves.


This recipe was republished with permission from Elizabeth Shah, Healthy Midwestern Girl.

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