Soft Vegan Gnocchi With Sweet Potato and Wilted Kale

Soft Vegan Gnocchi With Sweet Potato and Wilted Kale

Gnocchi are little potato dumplings that are eaten like pasta. There are a million different ways to make them and eat them, but this way is my favorite at the moment.

The gnocchi require a super small list of ingredients, just potatoes, flour and spices- you probably have the ingredients in your pantry right now. Since kale is my favorite green vegetable, that’s what I mixed in with these sweet potato dumplings. The longest part of the process is rolling and cutting all the gnocchi, with the cooking time being only about four minutes (not including the kale). But I promise, everything comes together and tastes coherently delicious, if I do so say so myself.

I often don’t have a lot of time (or motivation, let’s be real) in the evenings to make a long, tiresome meal. That’s why this dish gels so well with my lifestyle and schedule. It’s a dish that makes my life easier, and these days, anything that makes life that little bit easier is very welcome.

If you want to mix different veggies into your sweet potato gnocchi dish, go for it! Gnocchi is super forgiving and will pair well with a range of vegetables. I would steer clear from adding extra root vegetables (potatoes, cassava) because it can get quite heavy. On the flip side, I love stringy vegetables with gnocchi! Spinach is a personal favorite. Firmer vegetables like carrots and even celery go great with this dish to balance out the soft, almost falling apart (but not quite!) gnocchi.


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This recipe was republished with permission from Dat Kind Life.