Vegan Goth-Themed Coffee and Pastry Shop Opens in Phoenix

Vegan Goth-Themed Coffee and Pastry Shop Opens in Phoenix

Dark Hall Coffee, a goth-themed vegan coffee and pastry shop, is now open for business in Phoenix, Arizona.

True to its spooky vibe, the atmospheric cafe is decorated with floral wallpaper and custom black countertops. It serves coffee and espresso from local coffee roaster, Xanadu Coffee, and a variety of housemade vegan pastries like cinnamon rolls, cookies, shortbread, cake, and French macarons. According to Phoenix New Times, a “fully vegan menu” is on the way. Housemade nut milks and oat milks are available for a wide range of espresso drinks. Specialty drinks include brown sugar lemonade, espresso and tonic, and the “Arizona Sunset,” a concoction consisting of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice with a shot of espresso.

Fittingly, Dark Hall Coffee was officially opened for business on Friday the 13th, following a soft launch on April 1. The new cafe is the brainchild of the same team behind the popular local vegetarian and vegan-friendly eatery, The Corando.

Dark Hall Coffee isn’t the only goth coffee shop to serve an entirely vegan menu. Last year, Fall Out Boy drummer, Andy Hurley, opened the vegan cafe Oracle Coffee Company in Portland, Oregon, featuring vegan pastries from a local artisan baker and similar dark vibes with black countertops. In Austin, Texas a trio of women opened Zucchini Kill, a riot grrl-themed vegan and gluten-free pastry shop, in September. In South Philadelphia, the appropriately-named Grindcore House (named for the hardcore punk music genre) has been serving local vegan pastries and coffee to heavy tunes since 2010.

According to recent data from research firm GlobalData, the number of people identifying as vegan in the United States grew by 600 percent in the last six years, jumping from just 1 percent of the population in 2014 to 6 percent in 2017. As more individuals continue to shift away from diets that rely primarily on animal products, we can expect to see more vegan businesses—including spots that attract a niche crowd, like Dark Hall Coffee—popping up.

Image source: Brock L. | Yelp