Vegan Halloween Candy Corn In Sugar Cookie Form

Vegan Halloween Candy Corn In Sugar Cookie Form

A Halloween treat that pleases everyone is easier than you think! For vegans and those with dietary restrictions, looking out for frightening ingredients can sometimes add caution to events that should be full of fun! Luckily, for those who want to join in on the sweet, celebratory fun of Halloween treats, Follow Your Heart, in partnership with chef ambassadors Spork Foods, have created a spooky Candy Corn Cookie recipe that is sure to haunt, not harm!

Spork Food’s Candy Corn Cookies can be prepared within 30 minutes and will be gone in 30 seconds. Create different faces on each Candy Corn Cookie using sprinkles, vegan chocolate frosting or black icing that can be used as a decoration and dessert.

Vegan Candy Corn - Spork Foods for Follow Your Heart


This recipe is published with permission from on behalf of Follow Your Heart.
Image Credit: © Spork Foods, 2018

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