Norwich’s Assembly House Hotel to Offer Vegan Harry Potter-Themed Afternoon Tea

Norwich’s Assembly House Hotel to Offer Vegan Harry Potter-Themed Afternoon Tea

What is more magical than a vegan afternoon tea? A Harry Potter-themed vegan afternoon tea, complete with chocolate wands. The Assembly House, which was a finalist for Norfolk’s Best Afternoon Tea Award in 2017, is hosting the spellbinding service beginning in late November.

Although there is no formal sorting hat ceremony, each guest is cleverly assigned to a House by nibbling on The Wizard’s Choosing Hat. The confection contains a chocolate-dipped cake topped with a sold sugar hat. Within the cake, a colorful treat is hidden to determine the diner’s House. Those who drink some Liquid Luck beforehand may be rewarded with scarlet and gold for Gryffindor.

After sorting, participants can move on to a number of sweet or savory items. Vegan-friendly finger sandwiches include hummus and black olive, roasted aubergine and carrot, marmite palmier, cucumber and tomato, and avocado and chilli toast. All are perfectly accompanied by a steaming cup of tea.

For the Ron Weasleys who just can’t get enough, the service also offers additional sweet treats, without a nasty-flavored Bertie Bott Bean in sight. Sip on Dudley’s Knickerbocker Glory, an elaborate chocolate strawberry milkshake concoction, and pair it with the Exploding Lemonade Sherbert Cake. Enchanting Glittered Shortbread and fruit scones with sparkly strawberry jam also make up the magical tier of delightful pastries.

vegan Harry Potter-themed afternoon tea

Once the meal is complete and you are ready to return to the Muggle world, take home the chocolate wand – there’s no way the Ministry can track down everybody who practices magic outside of Hogwarts.

For those unable to apparate to Norfolk, vegan Harry Potter-themed meals and treats are becoming more common. In March, a London bar and PR firm teamed up to offer a magical brunch with vegan options, creating a completely immersive experience for witches and wizards of every dietary preference. Further, a popular Harry Potter subscription box, Accio! Box, decided to transition to vegan products last spring. The iconic butterbeer of Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida may also get a vegan recipe revamp, thanks to a push from Luna Lovegood herself, alias Evanna Lynch for Muggles.

The School of Magic Afternoon Tea will be available from November 28 to January 2, 2019. Reservations, as well as cloaks and costumes, are highly recommended. Diners must call ahead to receive the vegan menu. More information is available on The Assembly House website.

Image Credit: The Assembly House