Boat to the Bahamas on a Vegan Vacation with Dr Greger and Neal Barnard MD

Veganism is starting to permeate more and more aspects of daily life: we’re getting free-from sections in supermarkets, even dedicated plant-based supermarkets, the media is taking heed to the message, and now vegan travel is a thing too.

The ‘Holistic Holiday at Sea’ is described as the “ultimate gift for your mind, body and spirit” where you will [s]hare the experience and wisdom of some of the world’s leading authorities and experts in holistic living and natural health.”

If this appeals to you, you could find yourself sailing around the Eastern Caribbean on a world class premier Italian luxury liner, the ‘MSC Divina.’

This ship is said to combine the “style and sophistication of Europe with American comforts and convenience.” Holism plus culture, what else could you want?

Well, as a bonus, the ship serves vegan natural foods and beverages, specially prepared by professional chefs fresh onboard.

Not only can you relax and eat your heart out while exploring beautiful places including Miami, Matinique, the British Virgin Islands and Freeport, but you can expand your educational horizon too. Over 150 lectures and workshops on well-being are included.

You can learn yoga, meditation, and attend lectures on a variety of topics including how to become an activist and what best organic food you should be eating. You can learn from the like-minded people you’ll be sharing the vacation with, but also learn from famous professors and authors, including the likes of Dr Greger and Neal Barnard MD.

In the cruise’s promotional video, it is said, “[i]f you like adventure, if you like great vegan food, if you like vacation, if you like making new friends, this is the place to do it… you’ve got to be here.”

So if you are free between February 15-25 2018 and fancy this “vacation with a purpose” take a look, and we wish you happy sailing!

Image credit: Holistic Holiday at Sea