Vegan ‘Honeycomb’ Easter Eggs Now At Sainsbury’s

Vegan ‘Honeycomb’ Easter Eggs Now At Sainsbury’s

There’s new vegan Easter eggs at Sainsbury’s and they’ll take your chocolate game to the next level.

The second largest supermarket chain in the UK is selling large dairy-free Easter eggs made by artisan confectionary company Buttermilk, that typically makes non-vegan fudge, honeycomb, and brittle.

The vegan eggs come in flavours Choc Orange and Choc Honeycomb. Both are decorated with dairy-free white chocolate and contain cocoa butter, rice flour, and soy. The eggs are certified by the Vegan Society.

“We’ve introduced a delicious chocolate alternative egg to our collection, free from dairy, gluten and wheat so everyone can enjoy a treat this Easter,” the Cornwall-based Buttermilk wrote online.

Vegan Easter Eggs

Buttermilk’s vegan creations aren’t the only animal-free option this Easter. Last month, Sainsbury’s launched vegan strawberry and white chocolate eggs under its Free From range. The baby pink-coloured treats are “flecked and flavoured with delicious strawberry pieces” and taste like milkshake, according to the supermarket chain.

Chocolate and white chocolate variations of the egg are also available.

As well as its own-brand options, Sainsbury’s stocks dairy-free Easter chocolate by Kinnerton’s and Moo Free’s Bunnycomb Egg, which features vegan honeycomb toffee.

Other supermarket chains around the UK are getting ready for Easter and at the same time, catering to growing demand for vegan food.

Aldi UK is selling vegan dark chocolate eggs with Ferrero Rocher-inspired hazelnut truffles. Organic dairy-free chocolate eggs, made by Moo Free and featuring ethically sourced cocoa and rice milk, are also available at Aldi.

Tesco introduced vegan salted caramel eggs, Belgian dark chocolate eggs, and “bunnycomb” flavoured chocolate, whilst ASDA launched three vegan Easter eggs in flavours dark chocolate, white chocolate, and raspberry.

Vegan Food at Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s has been launching plant-based food options all year round.

Last June, it launched 21 meat-free products in one day and veganized four of its existing items. Vegan and vegetarian chicken pieces, sausage, duck, burgers, pulled pork, fish, and bacon were among the new additions, from brands like Tofurky, Vivera, and Linda McCartney.

The supermarket chain recently revealed that in 2018, sales of vegan products went up by 65 percent.