There’s a Vegan Ice Cream for Dogs Now

You can now buy vegan ice cream for your dog.

If your pooch has a sweet tooth and is always eyeing your dessert, they can now have their own vegan doggy-friendly peanut butter-flavored ice cream to slobber over.

Gelattisimo —  which calls itself “Australia’s Favorite Gelato Brand” — has launched limited-edition Pawesome Peanut Butter ice cream, suitable for humans and canines.

“Have you ever been on the receiving end of those puppy dog eyes as you enjoy your gelato in front of your beloved pooch? Our NEWEST flavour Pawesome Peanut Butter is pawfect for you to share with your four-legged friend,” says Gelattisimo on its website.

“You mean the whole world to them, so it’s time for us to show how much we love them back,” it adds. “Whether you’re looking for that after-walk treat or something to enjoy while snuggling on the couch at home, this flavour is bound to bring you closer together!”

Made with real peanut butter and soy-based ice cream, Gelattisimo notes the ice cream is not suitable for dogs (or humans) with allergies, intolerances, or those with a history of pancreatitis.

A Vegan Doggy Brunch

Join Gelattisimo for a vegan doggy brunch in Sydney | image/Gelattisimo

To celebrate the fact that you can now enjoy a dairy-free sweet treat with your favorite furry companion, Gelattisimo will be holding a special brunch in Sydney, at the Bodhi Restaurant.

“You’ll dine on vegan yum cha, they’ll dine on freshly-made vegan dog treats and you’ll both devour Gelatissimo’s Pawesome Peanut Butter gelato to finish,” the brand notes on Eventbrite.

There will be prizes for the best-dressed pooch at the event, as well as “countless photo opportunities,” and puppies to play with, it adds.

Animal-Free Dog Food

For those who want to go one step further than a vegan-friendly sweet treat for their dog, a number of brands also offer animal-free savoury pet foods.

Wild Earth offers sustainable, healthy koji-based snacks, which have more protein than steak and contain all the essential amino acids. Canada-based Virchew’s products aren’t available yet, but when they are, they’ll be the first commercial 100 percent plant-based dog food products supported by clinical evidence; 13 of its shareholders are veterinarians.

PetGuard, Honest Paws, and Zen also offer vegan-friendly, healthy, sustainable dog food options.