Air New Zealand’s Vegan Impossible Burger Option As Popular As Meat With Passengers

Air New Zealand’s Vegan Impossible Burger Option As Popular As Meat With Passengers

The vegan Impossible Burger is a hit with Air New Zealand passengers just one month after being added to the menu, CNBC  reports.

Speaking to the popularity of the “bleeding” meatless burger, Air New Zealand in-flight customer experience manager Niki Chave said: “Feedback on the Impossible Burger has been really positive, with the burger proving at least as popular as any of the other burger options we’ve previously offered.”

“Customers are excited about the chance to get their first taste of the Impossible Burger, and we’re excited to be the first airline in the world to serve it,” Chave continued. In July, Air New Zealand became the first airline to offer the plant-based burger to customers flying in Business Premier class aboard flights NZ1 and  NZ5 from Los Angeles to Auckland.

According to Chave, the realistic flavor and texture of the Impossible Burger has been delighting Air New Zealand customers. The Impossible Burger is served with two meat-free patties, smoked gouda, and a dairy-based tomatillo cream.

“We picked Air New Zealand, and they picked us, because we both stand for great customer service and quality,” said Impossible Foods chief operating officer and chief financial officer, David Lee. “We wanted to make sure it was high quality for our first international flight, and it’s limited now to control numbers to prepare for each flight.”

Launched in 2016, the Impossible Burger is a vegan meat that looks, cooks, and tastes like traditional hamburger beef. According to the company, the burger was created in order to provide a more environmentally sustainable, realistic vegan protein in order to attract a meat-eating customer base. It is currently served in more than 3,000 restaurants in the U.S., Hong Kong, and Macau in addition to select Air New Zealand flights.

“I am the target as a meat eater. I don’t think I’m unique; the consumer movement is making better choices in food without compromising taste,” Lee said.

While Air New Zealand is the first airline to offer the vegan Impossible Burger, it may not be the last. The California-based brand is currently working to double its plant-based meat production at its Oakland facility in order to broaden distribution. The company’s end game is to make animal agriculture obsolete by 2035.

Image Credit: Impossible Foods