Vegan Impossible Burger Sliders Now at White Castle Restaurants Nationwide

white castle vegan

After months of hype, White Castle’s vegan-friendly Impossible Sliders are now available at all locations across the country, USA Today reports.

Last April, White Castle launched the Impossible Burger from California-based food company Impossible Foods at a select 140 locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Chicago. While the sliders themselves are not vegan as served on the menu, customers can order a plant-based version by omitting the cheese.

The meat-free burgers have proven to be a hit at America’s first fast-food restaurant; many customers looking to try the Impossible Slider found that it was sold out. Last June, White Castle vice president Jamie Richardson revealed that some restaurants were selling as many as 300 sliders per day. “At this point of the test, we’re seeing encouraging signs that this is a good idea that has a lot of potential. What we’re really pleased with so far is that the enthusiasm has remained pretty constant. This illustrates that we’re not just getting first-time purchasers,” he said.

Strong sales of the “bleeding” vegan burger, aided by a devout social media following have led to its inclusion on the menu of all White Castle locations across the country.

Additionally, White Castle is hinting at a new Impossible Slider-centric campaign partnership with American hip hop group, the Wu-Tang Clan. In an Instagram post made earlier this week, frontman RZA, who has been vegan for more than 20 years, provided a voiceover for a science fiction-inspired video.

In the short clip, RZA prompts “Earthlings” to call a hotline with any burning questions about existence. “All will be revealed, Wu-Tang in space; eating Impossible Sliders – October 1st,” says the prerecorded message when one calls. RZA isn’t the only member of the iconic group to get behind the plant-based burger; last April Tony “Ghostface Killah” Stark celebrated the Impossible Slider’s arrival on social media.

Customers can find White Castle’s Impossible Slider at all 377 locations in 13 states, where it retails for $1.99 each.

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