Vegan Burger From Impossible Foods Will Now be Served in Universities Nationwide

The popular Impossible Foods brand is planning a big expansion. Taking their attention off restaurants, for a moment, they are now launching sales to universities, companies, and other institutions.

Later today, the acclaimed Impossible Burger will be making its first campus debut at the University of Chicago’s Quantum Café. Not too long after this, it will also be making its debut at Tiffin Café at the University of Chicago’s International House. Both of these cafés are run by Bon Appétit Management Company, a popular sustainable food provider. Currently, the company runs over 1,000 cafés for universities, businesses, and museums — in over 33 different states across America.

The Impossible Burger will also be launched in over 160 prestigious locations through New York-based company Restaurant Associates. These locations include performing arts centers, corporate dining, educational facilities, and much more.

David Lee, Impossible Foods’ Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Finance Officer spoke about this expansion. “Impossible fans love to order the burger at their favorite restaurants — and with the average American eating burgers three times per week, more and more people want to enjoy the Impossible Burger at work or on campus,” he began. “We’re now open for business with universities, companies and other institutions focused on providing sustainable, nutritious and delicious food to their patrons.”

This burger was released only a year ago by Impossible Foods and already it’s in over 100 restaurants across the country. It’s got a significantly smaller footprint than traditional meat, using 75% less water to produce, generating 87% fewer greenhouse gases, and requiring 95% less land.

If the trends continue, we can expect to see the Impossible Burger popping up in many more locations.