You Can Send Vegan ‘Noods’ to Your Valentine

You Can Send Vegan Noodles to Your Valentine

PSA: You still have time to buy bouquets of vegan Cup Noodles to give to your Valentine.

The Nissin instant ramen brand created the Valentine’s Day gift last year for its customers in Japan. The bouquet is available in the country this year, too, according to Bustle.

The bouquet includes seven Cup Noodles gathered in a bunch like flowers, wrapped in florist paper, and tied with a ribbon resembling a string of ramen. Customers can choose the flavor of noodle included; if opting for soy, the gift is vegan.

Ramen lovers (that is, people who love ramen as well as lovers who enjoy ramen together) could also purchase Cup Noodles merchandise as a questionable but quirky gift on February 14. On its online store, the brand sells Cup Noodles-themed mugs, socks, and pillows. There is also a $60 Cup Noodles costume as well as smaller designs for dogs.

Vegan Valentine’s Day

If you aren’t in Japan, you can still enjoy vegan love-themed products this Valentine’s Day — including noodles.

A Canadian restaurant is offering pink vegan mac and cheese to celebrate the day of love. And high street UK retailer Marks & Spencer is offering a vegan noodle stroganoff on its Valentine’s menu.

A handful of UK supermarkets are competing to win the most hearts on February 14 — with actual hearts. Tesco created a pink and glittery heart-shaped vegan brownie cake, whilst Asda launched its own heart-shaped vegan crumpets. Asda also sells sparkling pink gin, ideal for Galentine’s Day.

Aside from sweet treats, Marks & Spencer launched a heart-shaped vegan burger patty made from beetroot and sweet onions guaranteed to get your date’s “heart-beet racing.”

Walmart is selling bouquets of Oreos featuring 19 packs of the original flavor. The gift is arranged in a vase made from cookies and is topped with a bow. The Oreo brand itself got involved this year, launching pink “Love, Oreo” cookies. The Oreos are printed with sayings like “Dunk In Love” and “Dear Cupid, Send Oreos.”

Cruelty-free cosmetics brand Lush¬†also created vegan products just for Valentine’s Day, including “steamy” eggplant emoji-shaped bath bombs as well as ylang-ylang bubble bars shaped like the number six (or a number nine, depending on how you look at it).

Nissin is selling its Cup Noodles bouquets online.