Vegan Italian Rice Salad With Smoked Tofu and Veggies

Vegan Italian Rice Salad With Smoked Tofu and Veggies

This vegan Italian rice salad is adapted from the Italian “insalata di riso.” The vegan salad recipe is easy to make and delicious! It’s the perfect summer dish!

It’s easy to prepare in advance and bring with you for a picnic outdoors or on the beach. Our rice salad is a fulfilling meal that is nutritious, light, crunchy, colorful, and refreshing. To make it extra healthy and fulfilling we use brown rice, vegetables, and delicious smoked tofu.

Rice salad is a traditional summer dish that is widely popular all around Italy. In the shoe-shaped country, however, chefs make Insalata di Riso with non-vegan ingredients. These include canned tuna fish, eggs, cheese, and even wurst sausage.

For environmental and health reasons, we try to stay away from animal-based ingredients. Did you know that the WHO listed processed wurst sausage as a carcinogen? Tuna fish is also subject to heavy overfishing. So we developed a recipe that is as yummy as the original one but a lot healthier and eco-friendly.

The ingredients list below is just an indication of what you need. With this recipe, you can be completely creative. Just remember to balance colors and textures to get the most delicious and nutritionally balanced meal. As a rule of thumb, try to cover as many colors of the rainbow as possible.


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This recipe was republished with permission from The Plant-Based School.