New Vegan Jazz Bar ‘When Polly Met Fergie’ Arrives in Peterborough, UK

whisky bottle glass

A new vegan restaurant and jazz bar, When Polly Met Fergie, is set to launch in Peterborough this summer.

Founded by Alastair Norwell and his partner Paula, the new jazz bar has been in the works for some time. “It’s been a slow process,” Norwell told Peterborough Today. “But we had spent money on the planning side of things and loved the location so we weren’t going to be put off by the delays.” 

The new venue, named after Norwell’s dogs, will be two levels high with a vegan restaurant downstairs and a jazz cocktail bar upstairs. Eggless benedict, fresh pasta, scrambled ackee, ravioli, and southern fried chickenless chicken are just some of the new dishes customers can expect to see on the new menu, which will be prepared by Norwell himself.

“We are looking to create a smaller interesting individual concept to support the larger entities in the city,” the business states on its Facebook page“We should feed off each other, and as people stroll around the city the smaller creative cafes and bars will be perfectly placed to offer a personal romantic feel to your day. Our surroundings will offer you relaxation, amazing sustainable, healthy fresh produce for you to feast upon, sounds for your ears to swoon to and a space in which you feel most comfortable and enjoyed.” 

Norwell hopes that as much live music as possible will be played in the new venue, and despite only just getting the go-ahead to start work on the new concept, he’s already looking for jazz acts to perform when the venue eventually opens its doors in mid-August. “Peterborough Jazz Club does very well and has recently moved to The Broadway suite. We hope to add to that and make stronger jazz scene in the city,” he said.

Across the UK, many vegan businesses are opening up or expanding as plant-based living increases in popularity. Even larger chains are adapting their menus to keep up with demand. For example, Mexican chain Chilango recently launched a new plant-based menu for the summer in response to new consumer habits. “Our guests have been instrumental in helping us develop these new menu additions,” said co-founder and CEO of the chain Eric Partaker. “We’ve noticed there is a huge focus on eating healthier, more plant-based diets.” 

Image Credit: When Polly Met Fergie