Vegan Jelly Avocado Sweets Launch At Waitrose

Vegan Avocado Jelly Sweets Have Arrived and They're Cute AF

Major British supermarket chain Waitrose is launching mini vegan jelly avocados in time for Easter. The launch follows the success of the avocado-themed Easter egg the chain offered last year.

Made with Belgian milk and white chocolate, last year’s egg wasn’t vegan-friendly. However, in a bid to cater to all avocado-lovers this Easter, Waitrose has now launched “novel” animal product-free mini gummy versions too.

A spokesperson told Vegan Food & Living“They look like very cute mini avocados and make a perfect novel alternative to the chocolate version, perfect for any avo lovers!”

Although the sweets are shaped like the popular Instagrammable fruit, like the chocolate egg, they don’t actually taste like avocado and are flavored with lime instead.

“We know our customers love avocados, but we never realised quite how much until we launched our Chocolate Avocado last Easter!” the supermarket’s Easter product developer Kate Kind said in a statement.

“The avocados were a huge hit with avo-lovers hunting for them in Waitrose & Partner shops across the UK,” she added. “[They] were such a talking point among family and friends that we wanted to recreate them with some fun, mini versions this year to make sure our shoppers had a whole array of avocado treats to choose from.”

Vegan Easter Treats

Waitrose’s jelly avocados aren’t the only vegan Easter treats available this year; a number of UK supermarkets – including Sainsbury’s and Morrisons – have added dairy-free eggs to their shelves in a bid to cater to the demand for more ethical and environmentally-friendly products.

Thanks to Yorkshire-based plant-based kitchen Mummy Meagz, conscious consumers can also get their hands on a vegan, organic, and gluten-free version of Cadbury’s famous Creme Egg this year.

According to the brand, the chocolate eggs – complete with a creamy center – are “impossibly indulgent and handmade with love in the UK by Mummy Meagz.” It adds, “They are the perfect free-from sweet treat for yourself or a loved one this Easter.”

For those who prefer their sweets made with vegan jelly, Waitrose’s new gummy Avocados will be available to purchase in packs of six costing £2.50 each from February 24.