Vegan Jersey Shore Pasta Sauce Is Here to Confuse You

Vegan Jersey Shore Pasta Sauce Is Here to Confuse You

Vegan “Jersey Shore” pasta sauce is a thing.

For those unfamiliar, “Jersey Shore” is the MTV reality show responsible for Snooki’s career. From 2009 to 2012, viewers followed the drunken debauchery of Pauly D and Vinny, as well as Jwow and Mike (aka The Situation), who lived and worked in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

The show has inspired spinoffs around the globe; in the UK, it was “Geordie Shore,” in Spain “Gandía Shore,” and in Poland and Mexico, “Warsaw Shore” and “Acapulco Shore” respectively.

But if following the antics of drunk twenty-somethings around the globe isn’t enough for you, you can also now get your “Jersey Shore” fix with pasta sauce.

Thanks to Fye, you can use Jersey Shore Family Vacation Sunday Dinner Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce to add flavor to your next vegan spag bol.

Add this “Jersey Shore” sauce to your next vegan pasta dish

The website says, “quit waiting for Vinny’s mom to deliver you Sunday dinner because it ain’t happening. Bro this Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce just may be her secret recipe that may lead you and that special someone to the Smush Room.”

If you’re wondering, the Smush Room is a specific room for getting up close and personal with a person of your choosing. It’s a sex room. And, apparently, this pasta sauce might lead you to it. Good luck.

TV Show-Themed Vegan Food

If “Jersey Shore” isn’t for you,  there’s plenty of other TV show-themed vegan food.

If you’re more of a “Golden Girls” fan, you could try a hot sauce set from Always Fits.

The website notes, “No doubt: you’ve been a great friend. Thank you for being a friend. If you’d like to step your game up a bit though and be a bad-ass, fire-breathing, hot sauce-swigging friend: well, we’ve got you covered with our Golden Girls Hot Sauce.” For fans with a sweet tooth, the brand also offers Golden Girls-themed Pez sweets dispensers.

If the gritty fantasy of “Game of Thrones” is more your thing, try these GoT Oreos, which were made specially to comfort you through the popular HBO show’s final season.