Vegan JUST Egg Is Launching In Walmart Canada

Vegan JUST Egg Is Launching In Walmart Canada

The vegan JUST Egg is set to hit Walmart and Whole Foods Market store shelves in Canada this fall.

The California-based food technology brand’s newest product, a folded plant-based egg called “JUST Plant Egg,” will be available in the freezer sections at more than 100 Walmart stores. At Whole Foods, the fluffy, plant-based eggs will be sold in Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, and Ottawa—according to FoodNavigator-USA.

JUST is also working on making its liquid vegan egg available to Canadian consumers. Josh Tetrick, JUST’s CEO, told LIVEKINDLY, Canada is especially embracing the plant-based foods trend.

“Society is shifting every day toward eating a more plant-based diet whether because of environmental reasons or what we all sense is underlying the current pandemic, but there are some countries that are shifting faster and that’s certainly the case in Canada,” Tetrick said.

Vegan JUST Egg Is Launching In Walmart Canada
The demand for JUST Egg is increasing.

JUST Egg Sales Soar

The demand for JUST’s plant-based eggs are on the rise.

As of May, the company has sold the equivalent of more than 40 million eggs. The mung bean-based vegan eggs are a more sustainable option compared to hen-derived eggs. JUST Egg uses 98 percent less water and has a 93 percent smaller carbon footprint. It also requires 86 percent less land than conventional eggs.

JUST’s liquid plant-based egg is cholesterol-free and cooks like chicken eggs. It can be used to make a wide range of egg-based dishes, such as quiches, omelets, and scrambles.

The frozen folded egg, which is also made with the company’s signature mung bean protein base, hit U.S. retailers in April. It’s sold in a box of four and, like the liquid vegan egg, is free from cholesterol. It also contains about as much protein per serving as an egg.

In March, the brand announced its plans for international expansion. It revealed it had acquired several new global partnerships in North America, Latin America, East Asia, and Europe. JUST plans to have its vegan egg available in these regions by the end of next year’s second quarter.

Tetrick adds the expansion into Canada is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the world shifting to more plant-based foods.

“The Canadian consumer is at the tip of the spear for this change and is helping lead the transition from our current food system to a healthier and safer one,” he says. “Because of this, I’m proud to bring our work to Canada and I can’t wait to see families across the country enjoying it.”