Vegan Just Mayo Is Now Back In Stock At Walmart

Vegan Just Mayo Is Now Back In Stock At Walmart

Vegan JUST Mayo is back on the shelves at Walmart.

Following supply issues, customers were left struggling to find JUST’s vegan mayonnaise at Walmart stores across the U.S. Now, the brand has confirmed that its latest production of the condiment is “complete and delivered.”

Shoppers will have to move quickly, however, as the brand has warned that “initial quantities are limited.”

In a statement posted on Facebook, the company also revealed that — together with JUST Mayo — JUST Ranch will be making its way to Walmart and other retailers across the U.S.

It said, “we know how frustrating our product shortages have been, and we’ll do a better job of keeping you informed. It will take some time to get back up to full distribution, including JUST Ranch and other flavors, and at retailers beyond Walmart. More to come!”

JUST uses yellow pea protein to make vegan mayonnaise. | JUST

Made with yellow peas and lemon extract, JUST Mayo has always been popular with Walmart customers. Back in 2016, one shopper wrote in a review, “love the taste and flavor in it and I really can’t tell the difference between it and the conventional products on the market today.”

In 2018, another added, “I honestly never thought there was a difference among mayonnaise brands until we tried this one. Now if I use something else, my family actually notices. They won’t even eat certain things unless they’re made with this brand of mayo. It’s the best we’ve ever tasted.”

Moving Towards a Sustainable Food System

Headquartered in San Francisco, JUST makes a variety of vegan products, including its popular egg replacement, JUST Scramble. Most recently, Canada’s largest quick-service restaurant chain Tim Hortons launched a vegan omelet sandwich option using a vegan egg patty made by the brand.

JUST is also working on slaughter-free clean meat products, where real meat is grown in a lab using the cells of an animal.

According to the brand, it’s trying to shift the world towards a sustainable food system by changing the attitudes of consumers.

“The world does not believe it’s possible to have healthier, sustainable food that is also affordable and delicious. That keeps anyone from even trying,” it says on its website. “We are trying to change that mindset.”