Vegan Celebrity Kevin Smith Loves Veggie Grill So Much He Asked Them to Open in New Jersey

Vegan Celebrity Kevin Smith Loves Veggie Grill So Much He Asked Them to Open in New Jersey

Writer, director, actor, and “recent vegan convert” Kevin Smith is a fan of vegan fast-food chain Veggie Grill. Earlier this week, the multi-talented filmmaker took to Twitter to suggest that the California-based chain should open a location in his hometown of Red Bank, New Jersey.

Smith adopted a plant-based diet last February after experiencing a major heart attack. He soon took to social media to update fans on his condition. At the end of the heartfelt post, Smith suggested that he was considering going vegan. The following month, the “Clerks” (1994) creator revealed that he had lost weight by following illusionist and comedian Penn Jillette’s vegan diet, which he detailed his book, “Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear.” Followers of the diet begin with potatoes, then incorporate whole, plant-based foods like fresh vegetables, beans, and grains in order to lose weight.

Smith had been instructed by doctors to lose 50 pounds and found that his new vegan diet was quickly bringing him closer to that goal. In April, Smith said that he had lost 32 pounds since the heart attack. His vegan daughter, Harley Quinn Smith said that her father was “the healthiest he’s ever been” and expressed joy that he had finally gone vegan.

Smith continues to be a vocal proponent of his healthy new lifestyle. In June, he chatted with the host of the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” about his life since the heart attack and discussed the health benefits of a vegan diet. Along with experiencing dramatic weight loss, Smith reported that doctors cut his Lipitor cholesterol medication in half because his levels had dropped so much.

While Smith’s diet seems to be primarily whole foods, plant-based, he also doesn’t shy away from indulging in vegan comfort food. He and Rogan discussed the Brooklyn-based Champs Diner and LA’s Follow Your Heart Cafe. Veggie Grill, which recently opened its first east coast location in Boston, is also not off limits. While the vegan fast-casual spot has yet to announce further east coast locations, the brand is working on a nationwide expansion, so Red Bank may be a contender after all.

Image Credit: Kevin Smith