Couple Make Veganism Kool With ‘Kind Kones’ Dessert Bar

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South-East Asia’s first vegan-friendly dessert bar? Kind Kones is exactly that and more.

Husband and wife duo Serina and Ishpal Bajaj, who are the founders of the all vegetarian and mostly vegan desert bar, believe it’s the first of it’s kind in South-East Asia.

Serina Bajaj, co-founder of Kind Kones says that this venture is all out of love for her daughter.I used to make all these things at home, for my daughter. I feel it’s really important to teach our kids to eat healthy, chemical-free food. It’s all for my daughter, she’s my inspiration.” 

Power-team founders, the Bajaj’s, both have important roles which make the business run smoothly and share their responsibilities. Ishpal runs operations such as HR and the inventory behind the scenes and Serina deals with product development, marketing and PR.

It’s a challenge to eat healthy—we all want to indulge but not feel so bad about it. We want healthy but it has to taste nice.

However, Serina and Ishpal Bajaj are no strangers to the Malaysian Food and Beverage scene, together they have also co-founded Raisin’ the Roof, a restaurant in the Plaza Damansara area serving healthy, vegetarian food. After noticing the demand for healthy, vegetarian dessert options in Malaysia, the Bajaj duo saw a window of opportunity and went for it, thus opening the doors to Kind Kones.

There’s such a gap in the market. There’re people who are lactose-intolerant, or kids who are allergic to certain things. I’ve had parents tell me, ‘My son can eat everything here!’. It’s amazing to be the first to do something new.

Kind Kones launched little over a week ago and serves delicious desserts including their featured ice-cream which is free from dairy, eggs, refined sugars, additives, artificial colourings and flavourings, preservatives and emulsifiers! Instead, Kind Kones uses a nut or coconut base to create that creamy, smooth texture of a hella good ice cream.

Original, innovative flavour choices offered include but are certainly not limited to: Fresh Corn with a Coconut + Almond blend base, Raspberry and Mango Sorbet with Coconut base, Mint Chocolate Chunk, Mocha Almond Chocolate Chip, Turkish Coffee, Sea Salt Caramel, Lychee Rose Sorbet and of course the classic, Dark Chocolate!

Better yet, vegan ice cream isn’t the only drool-worthy dessert available! Other options include a range of other sweet treats and pastries. There is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and raw dessert options to satisfy all your after-dinner dining desires.

These options include Raw Dragonfuit Chia Cheesecake, Baked Chocolate Donut (vegan and GF), Gluten-Free Banana Walnut Bread, Gluten-Free Afternoon Lemon Cake, Flourless Sweet Potato Brownies, ‘Way Better’ Bread.

Gosh, all these options are making us super hungry!

The in-store set up is family friendly, even including smaller mini-tables alongside larger communal tables which are designed to suit little children. They’ve even added a warm touch in the form of a sort of communal library where people bring in books and swap them for other books in tables; a system based on honor.

Furthermore, Kind Kones live up to their name by donating unsold goods to orphanages. Unsold goods are those which are unsold within 3-4 days, the products aren’t considered fresh but they are still perfectly fine to eat within a week. Another kind initiative is the plan for a Kool ice-cream party collaboration for refugee children! Could Kind Kones be any sweeter?!

Kind Kones didn’t want to brand themselves as vegan due to the stigmatism associated with that label but they say when people try their food, the response from vegans and non-vegans alike is overwhelmingly positive. They aren’t overly confident that they will win absolutely everyone over with their sweet treats and desserts but they are embracing the customer approval so far as a good sign for the future.

Kind Kones also has exciting plans to expand their branches in future and open more dessert bar franchises! So, let the sweet tooth satisfying begin!

Warning: do not browse their Facebook page on an empty stomach unless you are already in possession of a direct flight Kuala Lumpur

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