First Ever Vegan Leather-Bound Book Up for Auction

The first book ever to be bound in leather that was produced without the use of an animal is currently being auctioned off.

A special edition of Clean Meat, a book which was released to the general public on January 2nd 2018, is currently under auction on eBay. The proceeds will go towards the Good Food Institute, a not-for-profit organisation that’s dedicated to the promotion of plant-based and animal-free alternatives to animal products.

Geltor, are the creators of the vegan leather-bound book. The company ‘grew the first-of-a-kind cover via microbial fermentation in their Northern California HQ.’ Geltor is currently working on a gelatine substitute which could revolutionise the sweets world that currently relies heavily on animal products to create the ‘gummy’ texture of certain products.

Paul Shapiro, the book’s author, has signed the edition. Speaking about the book, Shapiro said “This book is about the future, both in its content and its cover…Because of pioneers like those chronicled in Clean Meat, the day will come when we view our present-day factory farming of animals as a relic of a technologically primitive past.’

The book has a reserve of $10,000, or if you want to bypass the auction process you can buy it outright for $1M.