Vegan Leather Brand Teams Up With Sustainable Shoe Company to Fight Waste

Vegan leather brand Moo Shoes have partnered up with America’s ‘only official sustainable and vegan shoe repair service’. Nicora Shoes aims to promote the reduction of waste by reusing materials from customers’ old shoes. The company adhere to strict guidelines for environmentally clean production; they only use certified vegan products and plastic-free glues to take damaged shoes and give them ‘new life’.

‘Animal Approved’ Moo Shoes shared their love for the innovative repair service, saying “[d]id you know our friends at @nicorashoes now run the only official #Sustainable/#Vegan #ShoeRepair service in the United States? Using certified vegan, high quality materials and glues, they now offer repairs on #VeganShoes + #VeganBoots, recycling waste from your old footwear and following our strict guidelines for #EnvironmentallyClean production.” 

You can post your Moo Shoes to Nicora Shoes for repair, however, the planet-friendly service doesn’t only repair vegan shoes. Any shoe that is in a repairable state, including ones made with animal products, are welcome – but everything used for the repair is vegan.

In an Instagram post describing their repair shop, Nicora Shoes said “[s]o basically our online Repair Shop is a place you can send all of your shoes/boots for repairs (any brand). It’s also about half the price of a local shop & 100% eco-vegan. Not bad right?” Saving the planet and sparing animals from slaughter isn’t bad, for most people, indeed. Not to mention giving your favorite pairs of shoes an extra burst of longevity.

Nicora Shoes don’t just repair people’s damaged footwear – the company also has their very own fashionable range of shoes. This brand promotes sustainability in the production of their footwear too. They say each pair purchased from them saves an average of 33,750 gallons of water and contains no plastics or plasticizers – materials that are destroying marine life.

Furthermore, every pair of Nicora Shoes purchased reduces fossil fuel usage by 7.74 gallons and energy usage by 11,0558 kilowatts, as this is the same amount of energy required to make one pair of leather shoes. Interestingly, this is equivalent to the average energy required to power a suburban home for a year. Additionally, their factory is solar-powered.

Image Credit: Nicora Shoes | Moo Shoes