Vegan Linguine With Extra Mushrooms, Please

Vegan Linguine With Extra Mushrooms, Please

Linguine with chanterelle mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and freshly chopped parsley is one of those recipes that will surprise you for their simplicity and taste. This vegan linguine recipe represents the essence of Italian cooking. Simple, fresh ingredients, for a healthy yet delicious meal. You can throw this wonderful vegan pasta recipe together in under ten minutes. Just the time to boil the pasta, et voilà!

The thing we love the most about Italian cooking is its respect for fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. Pasta dishes are no exception to this. And while there are some recipes that are more of a weekend project (i.e. homemade lasagna and stuffed pasta) Italian cooking offers plenty of recipes for daily dishes that are very simple to put together, and also very healthy.

And when it comes to pasta recipes, you are only limited by your imagination. You can choose and mix your favorite ingredients as you please. There are only two simple guidelines that we like to follow: 1) try to pick seasonal ingredients 2) try to pick local ingredients.

This vegan linguine recipe features chanterelle mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and flat-leaf parsley. It is an example of how simple, local, and seasonal ingredients yield a delicious meal that can be made in about ten minutes. Plus, it’s healthy and naturally vegan. I hope you enjoy this vegan pasta recipe!


Additional Recipes

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This recipe was republished with permission from The Plant-Based School.