Vegan Cosmetics Brand The Lipstick Lobby Partners With Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem

Vegan Cosmetics Brand The Lipstick Lobby Partners With Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem

Political activist, feminist, and writer Gloria Steinem has teamed up with vegan social justice beauty brand The Lipstick Lobby. Together, Steinem and the cosmetics company have created a cruelty-free lip balm that benefits America’s incarcerated women.

All profits from the new campaign “In the Clear: Stand For All” will be donated to the UnPrison Project, an organization chosen by Steinem herself. Run by the author Deborah Jiang-Stein, whose mother was incarcerated when she was born, the nonprofit intends to equip women in the prison system with tools and life skills that will help them upon their release.

The new paraben-free vitamin E-infused lip balm is clear and colorless, designed to be an “instant go-to anytime, anywhere, for anybody,” according to The Lipstick Lobby’s website.

Speaking with Vogue, Steinem explained her motivation for the new project. She said, “we are all becoming increasingly aware of the scandal and shame of our prison system – for which in some states is a profit center. Corporations are making money from prisons that charge as much per prisoner as it would take to send a student to Harvard, even though these offenses are minor.”

We are honored to announce the launch of our newest shade #INTHECLEAR. Our mission has always been to stand up and fight for women. All women. It’s a sad reality that thousands of incarcerated women are locked up and often forgotten about once in the system, defined by their past and usually unprepared for their future. We rarely get to hear their stories, their struggle, and the unique perspective they bring to our world. The Lipstick Lobby is lucky to partner with @gloriasteinem and the @unprisonproject to help change that. 100% of net profit from this nourishing Vitamin E lip balm benefit the UnPrisonProject to provide incarcerated women with resources for a successful future. Join the fight and shop yours today from the link in bio! #INTHECLEAR #StandforALL Special thanks to our photographer @katepowerslovesyou, our Creative Director @kellyhillstylist, and our Creative Producer @jrhproduction for being on this journey with us. Thanks to the crew @danibob, @davidastyles, @annamonomaniac, @bertillenoiret, @kevintvu and @penumbrapics, @fualbert, @andreszz, @robertmassman, @estebanaladro, @lukaszpukowiec, @oliviasnyderspak, @dblok22, @savannahholte, @_sierramin, @ayakudomua, @theoriginalheatherhero, @castpartner and @merielday.

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According to Jiang-Stein, Steinem has been extremely hands-on with helping the UnPrison Project, assisting with the running of its “Up the Books” program. “[She will even] take children’s books and give them to the incarcerated mothers so that they have something to talk about with their children on visits,” Jiang-Stein told Vogue.

Past campaigns of The Lipstick Lobby include “Fired Up: Say it With Stencils,” “Outrage: Label Yourself,” and “Kiss my Pink: Statements,” which stand up against gun violence, systemic discrimination, and for women’s reproductive rights respectively.

“With every [The Lipstick Lobby] campaign, we aim to raise awareness for social justice issues, and also to provoke conversation,” notes the brand on its website.

“Wearing a coat of lipstick on its own can be simple and stunning,” it adds. “But sometimes we want to say more, say it clearly, and unapologetically. Every one of our campaigns finds a unique and personal way to express our passion points and POV – and we hope you’ll join us in speaking your truth too.”

Image Credit: The Lipstick Lobby