2018 Oscar Nominees Will Receive Vegan Color-Changing Lipsticks in Gift Bags

The stylish vegan lipstick brand Blush & Whimsy has been chosen to supply lipsticks for the Oscar nominee gift bags at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. The New Mexico company’s ‘color-changing’ lipsticks were such a hit in the Grammy’s gift bags, that they have been chosen once again by another prestigious award ceremony as the perfect product for Hollywood’s finest.

The lipstick comes in three different types — all use real flowers and change color based on the temperature of the skin and the body’s PH. The ingredients include cocoa butter, olive oil, and grapeseed oil. The lipsticks are free from gluten and parabens.

Speaking about the company’s involvement in the gift bags for the Grammy’s, The CEO of the company, Micaela Brown said to KRQE, “to be asked to participate in something on such a large scale like this, it means our message is really getting out there.”

Brown’s message is not just one of kindness to animals, but one of kindness to everyone. Blush & Whimsy proves that it is possible to create stylish, beautiful, and unique products without the need for animal products. Conventional lipsticks can contain beeswax, lanolin from sheep oil, and colorants like carmine, which comes from bug shells.

Blush & Whimsy note that the brand was established to “celebrate each individual, empowering people to be who they are,” explaining on the website that the packages are “made with love by a team of people with Downs Syndrome, ALS, disabled veterans, and elderly.” What’s more, the product is incredibly affordable, priced at only $22.

Much like plant-based foods, cruelty-free make up has also proven itself to be extremely popular in recent years. Famous vegan and animal rights activist, Kat Von D, introduced a new range of 40 different shades of cruelty-free lipsticks at the beginning of this year. Another U.S. brand, Love Beauty and Planet, also launched across the United States at the end of 2017.

Image Credit: Blush & Whimsy