Vegan Luxury Menswear Brand to Launch Sustainable Suits Made From Italian Bamboo

Vegan Luxury Menswear Brand Brave GentleMan to Launch Sustainable Suits Made From Italian Bamboo

Vegan luxury menswear brand Brave GentleMan is set to launch wool-free suits made from sustainable bamboo.

Founded in 2010 by ethical designer, activist, and author Joshua Katcher, Brave GentleMan is the first vegan men’s lifestyle brand in the world. Its newest suits, available for pre-order now, are made from 100 percent Italian-milled bamboo and feature buttons made from tagua nuts. It comes in classic colors like Black, Navy, and Grey, as well as the checkered designs, Blue Windowpane and Brown Windowpane.

“I believe we’re on the brink of a new industrial revolution,” Brave GentleMan founder Katcher told the Financial Times. “There’s a centuries-old mythology built around the idea that animal-derived materials are the pinnacle of quality, but now exciting fabric innovations are setting a new luxury agenda – one that also limits environmental damage.”

According to the 2018 Pulse of the Fashion Industry report, animal fibers like wool and leather have a negative impact on the environment due to land use and methane emissions.

Cruelty-Free Men’s Fashion

Beyond suits, the vegan luxury menswear brand specializes in sustainable clothing, including leather-free footwear made from “EU Ecolabel-certified Italian PU,” tote bags made from “Italian future-leather,” and cruelty-free moto jackets made from “future-wool” – a tweed made from a recycled cotton-poly blend.

Katcher is also committed to ensuring that the brand is kind not only to animals and the planet, but also to the people who make it. The shoes are made in Brazil under fair labor conditions. Bags, coats, belts, and other accessories are stitched in NYC’s garment district.

Brave GentleMan has earned a number of high-profile supporters, including Benedict Cumberbatch, actor Alan Cumming, football player David Carter aka the 300 Pound Vegan, and Smarties Candy Company co-owner, Vegan Ladyboss founder, and CEO of Baleine & Bjorn Capital, Liz Dee have donned its clothing. It has also been featured in GQ, Forbes, Vogue, and PAPER.

Brave GentleMan’s sustainable bamboo suits are expected to launch in early spring 2019.

Image credit: Richard Grassie | Brave GentleMan

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