Vegan Mac N’ Cheese Hits Tesco Shelves This Week

Tesco have launched a new vegan Mac and Cheese. UK vegans rejoice, your lazy day, easy, microwavable meal just got even easier. In response to growing demand for ‘Free-From’ products and tapping into the half a million UK vegans, Tesco joins UK supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, who recently launched ready made vegan cheesy pizzas in catering for the growing demand for plant based food.

For those days when you really need a good dose of Netflix and some beloved carbs, specifically in the form of mac n’ cheese,  you’re now in luck thanks to Tesco. The macaroni cheese meal is available online, or in a range of over 300 Tesco supermarkets as of now.

This meal is not just for vegans but is great for allergy sufferers or those cutting down on dairy and wheat as it’s ‘Free-From’ milk, wheat, gluten and egg. It is also a lower fat alternative to dairy based macaroni cheese using a blend of ingredients such as coconut oil, fortified soya milk and plant-based starches. The meal contains vitamin B12 but without the high saturated fat content usually associated with mac n’ cheese – it has over 3/4 less saturated fat than the normal Tesco mac and cheese, so it’s a great low fat alternative.

Tesco’s vegan mac n’ cheese is super easy to make and takes only a few minutes in the microwave for those days when you have not time to cook. It’s priced at £3.00 or you can the current offer of 2 for £5 if you order online. So, what’s on the menu for your next dinner, lunch or even a hearty, hangover-stodging breakfast? Vegan Mac N’ Cheese, of course! Let us know what you think in the comments below once you’ve tried it.

Image Credit: My Vegan Supermarket  | Life’s Ambrosia  | S4RB