Vegan Maple Creme Oreos Have Arrived Just in Time for Autumn

Vegan Maple Creme Oreos Have Arrived Just in Time for Autumn

Not ready to let go of summer yet, but craving fall flavors? Oreo might have just the snack to help you along. The vegan-friendly cookie brand is launching a brand new Maple Creme flavor.

The exact ingredients of the new flavor are unconfirmed, but the traditional Oreo recipe is dairy-free. The brand cannot label its products as vegan, however, due to cross-contamination risks, so they are not suitable for dairy allergy sufferers.

Oreo confirmed the release of the new flavor earlier this year. From the look of the packaging, the cookie — which is limited edition — will include the brand’s Golden Oreos with a maple creme filling.

Instagram account JunkBanter first posted about the Oreo flavor back in April. It wrote, “my mind and soul may be ready for spring & summer, but my body is permanently ready for fall. Bring on the new Maple Creme Oreos, debuting some time this year.”

It continued, “not exactly the most creative flavor, but Oreo should do a good job with it. I’m thinking like the Waffles & Syrup Oreos without the butter flavor, and a more intense maple.”

Oreos are free from animal ingredients.

 Hitting Shelves Very Soon

Oreo has released a number of flavors in the past few months, including S’mores and Carrot Cake. Back in June, parent company Mondelēz International even hinted that, potentially, a CBD flavor could be on the cards in the future.

Cookie-lovers could be able to get their hands on the Maple Creme Oreo very soon, as Bustle reported that Walmart is gearing up to stock the product in the next few weeks.

“They will officially hit shelves nationwide in late August, according to Nabisco, and I, for one, am absolutely prepared for it,” wrote Lucia Peters for the publication. “Fall is, after all, the most wonderful time of year, and honestly, it can’t come fast enough.”

When the new dairy-free flavor does land on Walmart shelves, it will join a number of new vegan products at the retail chain. It recently re-launched JUST vegan mayo, following supply issues from the brand. It also stocks vegan pulled pork, fish-free tuna, vegan shrimp, and a selection of dairy-free cheese and milk products.