New Vegan Mayo, Cheese and Yogurts Made by a Computer to Arrive at Walmart

The Not Company, a Chile-based food technology startup, recently revealed that they will be launching a line of vegan products in 2019. These products, which will launch at Walmart stores across the US will be entirely free of animal products — so no meat, milk, or eggs. The first product they’re planning to release will be a vegan mayo called Not Mayo… though it is, indeed, mayo.

The Not Mayo will be made with chickpeas, water, and salt. The product is only available in South American countries at the moment — as the brand is Chilean — but it will be expanding. “We want to change the way we make the food we love, rather than changing the food we love,” CEO of the company Matias Muchnick said to Business Insider.

The company makes its vegan products with the help of a machine called “Giuseppe,” which analyzes food at a molecular level so that they can see how to replace animal products at a much deeper level. This method has led them to their many other products, which will also release in Walmart, like Not Yogurt, Not Milk, and Not Cheese.

With a mission to build a better future through better food, the Not Company’s manifesto states:

“We know what it is like to feel overwhelmed by being part of an unsustainable food industry, but we can not get away because it implies an effort that we are not able to assume, so it is better to turn a deaf ear to the problem so we do not feel worse.

Therefore, we have found a way to go from being a passive observer of issues related to a healthy life and a sustainable world, to being an active participant in the struggle to eat better and help the planet, without any cost or extra effort.”

The team is focused on developing revolutionary solutions through tech to create food from plants which also provides healthy, tasty and sustainable alternatives for people not wanting to change their eating habits.

There’s a bit of a wait time until the products hit stores in North America so check out this guide to vegan products at Walmart, in the meantime. Despite the wait, we will not forget about the Not Company.