Vegan Mayo Demand Set for Rapid Growth Due to Public Health Concerns

Another vegan market is set to reach new heights, as revealed in a recent report. The vegan mayonnaise market is expected to “Grow Exponentially” in coming years, due to a “growing health consciousness among the consumers”.

This change is welcomed, particularly in a society where health problems do not appear to be slowing down. For instance, in 2010, a huge 35.7% of American people over 20 years old were classified as obese. The rates were lower (at 30.5%) a decade prior.

Additionally, a “large number” of children also struggle with obesity, leading to multiple health conditions including hypertension and type-2 diabetes. Recent research has also linked weight problems with cancer, estimating that unhealthy BMI and type-2 diabetes causes 800,000 cases of cancer every year.

The market research suggested that food products play a role in these health problems, stating that the ever-growing popularity of vegan products are part of the “imperative” need to “adopt healthy food habits and reduce obesity across the nation”. Vegan mayonnaise is said to contain 20-22% less calories than conventional mayonnaise. As well as this, these egg and dairy-free products typically contain less fat and sodium.

This isn’t the first vegan product to profit from increasing health-consciousness in consumers. The popularity of almond milk was said to be due to an ongoing “battle against obesity”, as animal products continue to be linked to weight and health conditions.

Other vegan markets have also seen growth, suggesting that the popularity of the lifestyle will continue to grow across the globe. The plant-based milk market, which presents products with less fat, sugar and with no cholesterol, is set to reach $28 billion in coming years.

Even vegan ice cream is seeing increased sales, as tubs of the dairy-free goodness usually contain no cholesterol. These market changes allow consumers the enjoyment of the flavor-filled products we know and love, such as ice cream and mayonnaise, but without all the health risks.