Vegan Meat Showcased as Part of Berlin’s Green Week

International Green Week has been running in Berlin since 1926, showcasing innovation in food and agriculture industries to 400,000 visitors a year. In celebration of Green Week, German news publication BR24 featured a segment on vegan meat startup AMIDORI.

AMIDORI is the name behind upcoming vegan line M¡dori, who specialise in meat-alternatives made from pea protein. Their products contain 25-35% protein, with just 2-4% fat. The line includes stripes, sticks and Crunchlets of ‘meat’, as well as food resembling pulled pork and mince.

In the video feature by BR24, consumers sampled the vegan snacks but were not told it was plant-based meat that were tasting. According to the shoppers, the difference is indistinguishable.

M¡dori products became available at selected retailers last month, and according to the business, are already used by professional chefs. Additionally, the company revealed that they are currently negotiating with school canteens and nurseries, whose contracts are expected to be confirmed within the next three months.

M¡dori, meaning sustainability and ecology, as well as the colour green in Japanese, have pledged to sustainable production, and guarantee “maximum transparency from field to fork”. The food items contain no chemical additives or soy, with the end product said to strengthen immune function, improve muscle health, and better preserve connective tissue.

M¡dori products are good news for the environment too. All of their ingredients are grown locally and the company have vowed to never use palm oil. The entire production relies on water energy and any leftover waste is recycled.

The rise of vegan businesses marks an important shift in today’s consumerism. In a world that is struggling environmentally, with a population searching for healthier lifestyles, veganism may be the solution we didn’t know we needed.

Companies like AMIDORI provide a healthier, more sustainable alternative to the foods we have come to love. And with the meat-alternatives soon to be available online, shoppers can opt for cleaner, greener eating without ‘missing out’ on a thing.

As AMIDORI states, “We love good food and we love life”.