Vegan Meat Company Beyond Meat Receives Official Non-GMO Certification

Vegan Meat Company Beyond Meat Receives Official Non-GMO Certification

The creator of the internationally recognized vegan Beyond Burger, Beyond Meat, has just secured a non-GMO verification from The Non-GMO Project. The new certification cements the plant-based meat company’s dedication to quality, safe, and ethical ingredients.

This certification carries significant weight. The company spent a year dedicated to The Non-GMO Project’s strict review process in order to obtain its approval. The lengthy process involves a detailed analysis of the company’s ingredients and a thorough look at the supply chain and manufacturing facilities to ensure complete transparency. As North America’s only third-party verifier for non-GMO foods, The Non-GMO Project holds all of its approved products to an incredibly high standard, which in turn provides its certifications with top merit.

Courtney Pineau, Associate Director of The Non-GMO Project stated in a press release, “The Non-GMO Project celebrates Beyond Meat’s tremendous achievements in verifying their entire line of products and their commitment to providing shoppers a transparent choice in the marketplace.”

Vegan Meat Company Beyond Meat Receives Official Non-GMO Certification

Beyond Meat’s CEO, Ethan Brown, thanked the organization for its approval and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to its customers. “Our goal is to be on the center of the plate for the entire family, and we believe the best way to serve the family is through a commitment to all-natural, non-GMO ingredients when building meat directly from plants. Though these tough guardrails make it harder for our scientists, we feel it is the right long-run decision for Beyond Meat and our consumers.”

Although known for it’s juicy Beyond Burgers and the recently released Beyond Sausages, Beyond Meat also makes several other plant-based meat products. The company offers several styles of vegan chicken strips, beef crumbles, and a Beast Burger, which packs in 23 grams of pea protein. All of these products have been certified Non-GMO.

GMOs are genetically modified organisms, meaning that their genetic material has been manipulated by scientists in some way that does not occur in nature. The debate over the safety of these foods has been a hot topic for over 20 years, and although extensive research has been conducted, the safety of these products is not conclusive. As consumers demand more transparency and see food as both fuel and medicine, many companies have committed to non-GMO ingredients to provide full transparency and build trust with potential customers.

Image Credit: Beyond Meat