Vegan ‘Meat’ Company Introduces 100% Compostable Packaging!

No Evil Foods‘, a plant-based ‘meat’ startup founded in 2014 by Sadrah Schadel and Mike Woliansky, is doing yet more to help the planet.

‘No Evil Foods’ is already promoting delicious plant-based alternatives to meat and sharing with its customers the reasons why we ought to avoid animal-products: its website lists powerful statistics such as that 1 calorie of animal protein requires 11 times as much fossil fuel as 1 calorie of plant protein.

And now, proving further its dedication to helping the environment, the company, based in Asheville, North Carolina, has created packaging for its products that is completely compostable in all home systems.

Despite the added cost of production, ‘No Evil Foods’ is opting for the eco-friendly alternative to plastic in a bid to prevent further unnecessary harm to both animals and the environment, both of which suffer under our excessive plastic consumption.

Recognition has been given to the company for this admirable venture: ‘No Evil Foods’ recently won the ‘NEXTY’ award for ‘Best New Packaging Innovation’ at the National Products Expo East.

This sort of concern for the consequences of our diet and lifestyle choices is something which ought to be adopted by more companies if we are to have real success in ending climate change and plastic waste.

If you want to support this awesome business and get your hands on their delicious food, which includes the Southern smoky BBQ ‘Pit Boss’ and the fresh Mexican sausage treat ‘El Zapatista’, you can search here to see if their products are sold locally to you, or order online and get the food delivered to your door!

Image credit: No Evil Foods