Swedish Vegan Meat Brand Oumph! Launches Frozen Plant-Based Pizzas in Tesco


Swedish vegan meat brand Oumph! is set to launch its frozen plant-based pizza in select Tesco stores. The company’s new frozen Italian-style pizza, which is topped with garlicky soya bean-based vegan meat, will join the supermarket chain’s existing varied selection of plant-based products.

“At Food for Progress we believe in mouth-watering food that is kinder to the environment,” said Anna-Kajsa Lidell, co-founder and head of progress strategy at Food for Progress, parent company to Oumph!. “With our pizza we hope to reach new consumer groups beyond the core vegan and vegetarian fan base.”

Her sentiments echo that of many vegan brands, including Beyond Meat, Naturli’ Foods, and others, that are aiming to appeal to omnivore consumers. She continued: “There is an increasing demand for plant-based options. With all due respect to slow-cooking, often we just don’t have time to cook. This when we need good, fast food that tastes great – like the Oumph! pizza!”


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Oumph! first launched its vegan meat in 400 Tesco stores last March. Anders Wallerman, co-founder and CEO of Food for Progress, had high praise for the supermarket giant: “Tesco is the perfect partner for usNot only because of their size but also because they are at the forefront of British grocery chains for good and durable products.”

vegan food is taking over tesco

The supermarket’s evergrowing and increasingly popular range of animal-free options is all thanks to one man; Tesco’s plant-based innovation director Derek Sarno, who was appointed at the beginning of the year. Sarno is also the co-creator of the Wicked Kitchen ready meal range, which has flown off the shelves since its launch, with 4 million of the products sold.

Other recent launches in the U.K.’s leading supermarket chain include low-calorie nondairy ice cream by American brand Halo Top, meatless Vivera steaks, and soon, the vegan Beyond Burger. While Beyond Meat intended to launch the “bleeding” plant-based burger in Tesco stores last month, it was delayed due to product shortages. It is expected to arrive in stores this autumn.

The new Oumph! frozen vegan pizza will be available in 179 stores from 16th September and will retail at £3.99. The brand is also set to launch a new kind of vegan meat with Tesco in mid-September, named “Salty & Smoky.” 

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