Vegan Meatball Subway Is Here

This week’s vegan news: Popular sandwich chain Subway is launching a vegan meatball marinara sub made with Beyond Meat. Vegan Formula 1 racing champion Lewis Hamilton just won the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Leading Australian supermarket Coles just launched a vegan meat range called Eaty, that is said to rival Beyond Meat. Ricky Gervais and Late Show host Stephen Colbert get up close and personal with Impossible Foods.

Costco has upped its vegan game with 2lb boxes of Gardein vegan chicken fingers and large bags of vegan coconut candy bars similar to Bounty. The first Icelandic glacier to lose its glacier status due to climate change has been memorialized by its own ‘grave.’

Global meat processing giant Danish Crown announced that it will be entering the plant-based meat race with its own line of vegan beef products. New Zealand’s Ministry of Health advises its citizens to eat more plants.