Vegan Media Publisher LIVEKINDLY Launches International Videographer Network Program


LIVEKINDLY is looking to team up with talented videographers from across the globe with a new initiative that brings audiences and creators closer together through purpose-driven content.

As creatives, you probably know what it’s like to spend days (or even months!) working for a client to produce the highest quality video only for the video to be uploaded to YouTube or shared on Facebook and reach just a couple of hundred people. All that hard work and such little exposure in return.

The good news is that we have a remedy in place that could not only get your work seen by millions but can be a significant source of income, too. With a monthly reach of 15~ million people on Facebook, LIVEKINDLY’s content partnership bridges the gap between art and audience – and you can be part of our YouTube expansion, too.

We’re looking to work with videographers in major markets across the globe. We’ll be sending you stories to cover, but also welcome your ideas and connections as well. We’ll work on revenue splits based on who brings in the client. We’ll also handle all of the post-production — so all you need to do is shoot the video and send us the raw footage.

Whilst there is a lot of scope for work in the vegan movement right now, as a 14-month-old startup, we are limited in our (wo)manpower, and this is why we need you!

Our content partnership model has been created as a way to help us monetize and continue to grow. Working together we can both reach new clients and build a portfolio of beautiful high-quality videos that entertain and inform our ever-expanding audience.

Our core team of videographers will be initially based in North America, the UK and Europe, as well as Australia, however, as we expand, you can expect to see our videos being produced in Asia, India, South America and beyond.

If you are interested in joining our team of content creators or would like to explore other opportunities with us in similar capacities, email with a link to your showreel, details of experience, and location. Animators also encouraged to apply.