Vegan Menus Set to be Popular with Restaurants Across Dallas this Valentines Day

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect restaurant to spend an all vegan Valentine’s, Dallas may just be the place to look. A large selection of the city’s restaurants have decided that a vegan menu is the most loving meal a couple can enjoy on the 14th February and have chosen their themes accordingly. Because, what’s more romantic than a cruelty-free dinner?

Some of the restaurants in the area are already vegan, such as Spiral Diner and V-Eats, so it is no big surprise that their Valentine’s Day menus will be filled with plant-based delights. However, other restaurants who regularly serve meat and fish dishes have also decided to serve up a vegan menu in honour of the day of romance.

Café Momentum doubles up as both a restaurant and a training facility for young juveniles, their aim is to transform the lives of at-risk young people, offering them the skills and employment experience they need to thrive. The restaurant has chosen to present a plant-based Valentine’s Day menu following the recent appointment of a new chef, John Mercer. Mercer used to work for the aforementioned vegan hot spot V-Eats and has vegan cooking experience in abundance. Amongst other delicious sounding options, the menu will offer king oyster mushrooms with squash in the form of caramelized spaghetti, smoked pecan bratwurst and to finish, a devil’s food cake.

As is suggested in the name, Mudhen Meats and Greens is another restaurant providing a vegan Valentine’s selection that on a day-to-day basis serves up meat and fish to their customers, although they do have many veggie options. Their plant-based offering for the big day of romance consists of four tempting cruelty free courses, the first of which is a basil flatbread, followed by a tasty, healthy kale salad. The main course is a butternut squash risotto and to finish up sweetly, a gooseberry cobbler.

So, if you’re looking to treat your other half to a vegan meal out in one of Dallas’ finest restaurants, you have plentiful choice. Don’t be shy about booking though, some are already looking to be on course for a busy sold out night.

Image Credit: Cafe MomentumMudhen Meats and Greens