Vegan Menus Increase by a Staggering 309% Since Last Year

Vegan Menus in U.S. Increase 309% Since Last Year

Protein preferences are changing immensely around the world. Among U.S. shoppers, according to recent data reported by the Foodable Network, they’re drastically different than just a decade ago.

While pork is now the preferred protein overall (and beef dropped to the number five spot behind chicken, seafood, and lamb), interest in plant-based protein shows significantly steady growth.

Aside from beef no longer being the most loved protein, top foodie influencers are slowly moving away from animal proteins altogether, showing a 309% increase in mentions of vegan menus since just last year, Foodable reports.

The healthy halo category of restaurants is now one of the fastest growing segments in both restaurants and menu items, the site notes. Chefs and operators are increasing their involvement in vegan menu development to meet this new consumer demand with healthy halo concepts increasing vegan menu offerings 211% over this time last year.

Interest in plant-based options has been noticed by the popular takeout platform Grubhub, and is showing steady growth all around the world – countries including Italy and Portugal have recently seen large spikes in vegan food sales; and in the U.S., moves by major food companies like The Campbell Soup Company recently joining the Plant Based Foods Association signals plant protein is more than just a mere foodie trend. It’s an integral part of the protein industry, and a growing one at that.