Spicy Vegan Mexican Pozole With Jackfruit and Chili Peppers

vegan Mexican pozole

In this episode of EATKINDLY With Me, Amanda Castillo makes vegan Mexican pozole using jackfruit. 

“Pozole is a traditional Mexican soup or stew normally made with hominy and meat, which is usually pork. But it can be made with chicken and goat, as well,” Amanda explains.

Of course, the vegan pozole is meat-free. Instead, Amanda uses jackfruit to whip up this authentic Mexican dish. 

“I thought jackfruit would be perfect for this recipe because when cooked thoroughly and pulled apart, it looks really similar to pork,” she adds. “And I also feel like it absorbs flavors really well.”

There are three types of pozole: red, white, and green. “I grew up eating the red one,” Amanda says. 
She explains that the difference between the three pozoles is the sauce that goes into them. Red pozole, the type Amanda makes, has red sauce, made with a variety of chili peppers. In her recipe, she includes guajillo chilis, ancho chili, and chile de arbol (it’s spicy!).

Amanda garnishes the dish with cabbage, radishes, coarse sea salt, and lime. “Some people do add lettuce to their pozole, but my family prefers cabbage because it gives it a nicer crunch. Especially when it’s sitting in the pozole, it doesn’t get too soggy,” she explains. She says you can also add diced onion.

“The jackfruit really cooked down and it looks so much like pulled pork, it’s crazy,” Amanda says. Are your stomachs grumbling yet? Here’s how to make vegan Mexican pozole:

vegan Mexican pozole
This vegan Mexican pozole is spicy and flavor-packed. | Amanda Castillo for LIVEKINDLY

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