Vegan Milk Brand Califia Farms Launches Plant-Based Coffee Culture Magazine

Plant-Based Brand Califia Farms Launches Lifestyle Magazine

Los Angeles-based dairy-free brand, Califia Farms, maker of plant-based milk and coffee beverages, has just launched a branded print magazine called Pour Over.

Reported by Publishers Daily, the magazine will focus primarily on familiarizing readers with Califia Farms, coffee culture, and living a plant-based lifestyle. It will also feature articles on brands and individuals who are working toward a more sustainable food system.

“In the pages of Pour Over, readers will discover stories that inspire each of us to create a more positive model on our food system by valuing the three tenets of personal health: farmer livelihood and environmental sustainability,” said Greg Steltenpohl, CEO of Califia Farms.

While Califia Farms earned a name for itself through its plant-based milk and has expanded into making vegan yogurt, April Siler, senior vice president of marketing, says the brand has become “embedded in coffee culture.” The Barista Blend almond milk is reportedly popular at coffee shops. The company has also expanded its product line to include sustainably sourced, Direct Trade cold brew coffee products, and has become one of the top coffee brands sold at Whole Foods Market. Last year, the company was able to secure $15 million in investments.

image source: Califia Farms

“We wanted to create a print magazine that helped tell our story about why we got into the coffee industry and how we go about that, in a fun and creative way,” said Siler. She also noted that she wants readers to become familiar with how coffee production affects the environment.

The first issue will also include an article about how coffee waste can be upcycled into new materials for activewear; a contributor article about how blockchains, which act as a public ledger for cryptocurrency, could benefit coffee farmers; a “tour” of coffeehouses made famous by Hollywood movies in the form of a pull-out map, and more.

The brand hopes that eventually, the publication will be a useful guide to tourists. “We have our business in the UK and Australia, so we are starting to build out our brand globally. It would be a fun piece of content distributed in coffee shops in London, and if they come to Los Angeles they could do this coffee tour,” Siler said.

The first issue, which will be distributed for free at coffeehouses around the country, is out now and the company plans to publish bi-annually. Parts of the magazine are available online, but a few features exist only in print form. The second issue, which will focus on cold brew coffee, will be released in July.

Image source: Califia Farms