Vegan Milk Takes Major Market Share From Organic Dairy Milk

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A recent article from the Wall Street Journal reveals that dairy companies currently have an oversupply of organic milk because consumers are instead opting for dairy milk alternatives.

Reportedly organic milk sales have dropped 2.5 percent and plant based milk sales have increased 2.9 percent in the last few months of 2017. The drop in sales suggests that consumers don’t want “cleaner” dairy milk, but rather that they’re more interested in alternatives that are plant based. Organic milk was intended by the dairy industry as a competitor to healthier, fresher, dairy-free milk like almond and soy milk. Now, dairy leaders are left with an overabundance of organic milk that isn’t selling.

Originally released as a specialty product, organic milk has since seen huge shipments all over the world as plant based milks began taking more and more market shares. Now, retailers are left with too much organic milk and are, instead, opting to use more shelf space for vegan alternatives.

All of this leftover organic milk is being used in other products like cheese and other dairy products — as there’s no indicator that it will be selling fast enough to make a profit.

While 2018 has only just begun, it is piggybacking off 2017 which saw increases across the board in plant based milk acceptance, sales, tastiness, and accessibility. Perhaps sooner rather than later, folks will be more keen to get their milk from nuts than a cow’s udders.