Vegan Mushroom Bacon Chips and Pork-Free Rinds Will Be the Hottest Snacks of 2019

Vegan Pig Out! Mushroom Bacon Chips and Snacklin's Pork-Free Rinds Will Be the Hottest Snacks of 2019

Chips are getting a makeover in 2019, and it’s all about the pork. Or rather, pork-free.

Two new brands are expected to garner national attention: Oustanding Foods with its Pig Out! Bacon Chips, and Snacklins, with its Pork-Free Rinds.

Both made Bustle’s list of “unique foods” to buy in 2019. “If your mind races with thoughts of crispy, greasy bacon and you’re interested in trying something piggy-free, Pig Out Chips might be the answer,” wrote Megan Grant on the chips that topped the site’s list.

Pig Out Chips have already earned a cult-like following before even launching (the products are still in the pre-order phase). Celebs including Danielle Monet and Steve-O have paid visits to the brand’s SoCal headquarters (Monet is an investor), taking to Instagram to share their thoughts.

“I never wanted to have a business that just preached to the choir,” co-founder Bill Glaser told Nosh in April. “I wanted a business that would have an impact and make plant-based foods more accessible because they tasted great to mainstream consumers.”

Pig Out Chips are mushroom-based and will come in four flavors: Original, Cheddar, Chipotle, and Kansas City BBQ.

DC-area based Snacklins started as a joke. Vegan pork rinds would be hilarious, the founders thought. But it turned out the joke was more a stroke of brilliance — and Snacklins was born.

The “cracklins without the pork,” like Pig Out’s bacon chips are also mushroom based. Mushrooms were named one of LIVEKINDLY’s hottest food trend predictions for 2019 because of their versatility and meatiness.

“People always talk about how they want to eat healthy, but the fact is it’s really tough to throw that in people’s faces,” former radio DJ and co-founder of Snacklins Samy Kobrosly told the Washingtonian. “We literally tried to make a healthy snack chip that looks like junk food.”

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