Beware Of Meat Industry Propaganda, Bryan Adams Warns Fans

Beware Of Meat Industry Propaganda, Bryan Adams Warns Fans

Vegan musician Bryan Adams, known for hits like “Summer of ’69,” wants fans to know that, contrary to what the meat industry says, it’s possible to get all the protein you need on a vegan diet.

“There are lots of rocking shots coming soon from the Canadian tour ??, but as I’m occasionally asked where I get protein from on a vegan diet,” the singer-songwriter wrote in an Instagram post that has since been taken down. “Well, don’t believe the meat industry propaganda that if you are eating animals and fish you’re eating protein, because all foods need to be turned into amino acids in your stomach before your body turns them into proteins.”

Where vegans get their protein from is among the most commonly-asked questions due to the myth that animal products are the only good source of protein. But according to experts, it’s possible to not only get adequate protein, but also thrive on a plant-based diet.

Adams added, “So the answer is if you’re eating fresh vegetables including salads and fruit, your body naturally finds what it needs and expels the rest.”


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Adams, who has been vegan for nearly three decades, revealed in an interview with The Tribune last October that he believes animals are friends, not food.

“Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends,” he said. The Canadian musician also spoke of the endearing animal encounters he has enjoyed in India, reminiscing how, on his first ever trip to the country, his taxi was forced to stop “because an elephant had gone to sleep in the middle of the road.” 

Is a Vegan Diet Healthy?

He added that eating animals is “dangerous to long-term good health.” The vegan celebrity has previously credited his vegan diet to not getting sick, noting how a healthy plant-based diet strengthens the immune system. As revealed by a growing body of medical evidence, animal-based foods, particularly red and processed meats, have been linked to various health issues, including various forms of cancer, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes.

The vegan movement is so important to Adams that he regularly uses his platform to promote the cause, even challenging his eco-conscious fans. Though he admitted that his diet change in 1989 was partly motivated by newfound “knowledge on a healthier way of living,” the vegan musician also said that his meat-free diet is also driven by respect for the planet and animals. Last December, he wrote to millions of Facebook fans,“You can’t be a true environmentalist if you eat animals.”

Adams has previously said that his life motto is “If you love animals, don’t eat them,” a mantra which made sense to him from a young age. “The moment I began to understand what was going on with the treatment of animals, it led me more and more in the way of the path I am [on] now, which is a complete vegan.” 

The decision to not eat his friends is, according to the musician, “the best thing I ever did.”