Loaded Vegan Nachos With Beans, Tomatoes and Guac

Loaded Vegan Nachos With Beans, Tomatoes and Guac

These loaded vegan nachos with beans, tomatoes, and guac make the perfect dinner or side.

I used to make vegetarian nachos all the time when I was younger. Except back then I just used store-bought salsa, no beans, and quite a lot of cheese! When I started on my health journey many years ago, I decided to read the ingredients on the salsa jar that I usually purchased and found out about all the sugars and added chemicals I had been ingesting all that time.

I initially tried to look for some healthier options in health shops and tried a few but was never quite happy with the taste, so I resorted to making my own and I am so glad I did because my version leaves me feeling healthy and light as opposed to all the store-bought versions (even the healthy ones).

Initially, I made my nachos with lots of cheese and sour cream but over time as I learned to replace more of the dairy, I veganized my version. I tried many vegan cheese sauces for the nachos. But in the end, didn’t quite like any of them. (Plus they were lots of extra effort.)

So I resorted to just using nutritional yeast flakes on top. I also swapped out my sour cream, which I used to mix in with the avocado with cashews. I was surprised at how similar it tasted to the original. You can find my guac recipe here.

When I struggled with poor appetite and food anxiety I used to love the taste of my dairy laden nachos. But hated the way they made me feel afterward. I never have any issues digesting dairy. But it just made me feel very heavy and yuck.

It was a meal I classified as “heavy.” And would only have it when my appetite could handle it, usually right before my period was due when I was hungrier. Now that the meal is vegan, it feels light and delicious yet still hearty from the beans. I love eating it whenever now because I know it won’t make me feel yuck. I like to swap out the beans depending on what time of the month I’m having it in.

It’s a meal I feel like most either in my luteal phase or menstrual phase. I usually opt for black beans in the menstrual phase and red kidney beans in the luteal phase. This is just something I am experimenting with and a fun little way to ensure getting a little more variety. Here is my easy recipe. It is gluten-free and dairy-free.


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This recipe was republished with permission from Hazel and Cacao.