Fortnite founder and video game developer Tim Sweeney purchased $15 million worth of land and is dedicating it to nature conservation.

Snoop Dogg is in love with vegan burgers, ya dig? He served Carl’s Jr new Beyond Star burgers at his Grammy’s party. Beyond Meat showed Snoop major love on Instagram.

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth for vegans – PETA has named it the most vegan-friendly amusement park. Vegan gumbo, Mickey Mouse waffles and chocolate-dipped sorbet await! Aldi introduced two new vegan sausages to its shelves – Masala roast cauliflower & red pepper and butternut squash.

Netflix’s Birdbox was a hit. Though she was blindfolded in the film, 6-year-old actor Vivien Lyra Blair keeps her eye out for animals – and she’s a vegetarian!

Putin signs an animal welfare bill in Russia, which bans petting zoos and the killing of stray cats and dogs.