Vegan Nigerian Burgers Are Launching Across the Country

Vegan Nigerian Burgers Are Launching Across the Country

Chi Farms, a leading agribusiness company in Nigeria, has revealed plans to launch a vegan burger nationwide.

The company offers a wide range of products and services, including poultry, aquaculture, fish feed, cattle breeding and fattening, and meat processing.

The company revealed it initially launched the 100 percent plant-based burger patties in January. They are currently offered at select hotels and restaurant chains. Since feedback has been positive, Chi Farms now plans on launching the product nationwide before the end of March.

The company says increased demand for vegan products across Nigeria—which has the highest population in Africa—led it to launch the new burger.

Veganism in Nigeria is popular among the Indian-born minority and among Nigerians returning to Nigeria from abroad,” Johannes Flosbach, Head of Performance Management Group at TGI Group of Companies (Chi Farms’ parent company), said in an interview with Vegconomist. 

He added: “Older Nigerians are increasingly giving up meat for health reasons, but usually only on selected days of the week.”

Vegan Nigerian Burger Is Launching Across the Country
Meat processing giant Smithfield Foods launched its own range of plant-based protein products last year.

Meat Producers Embrace Veganism

Chi Farms isn’t the only meat-centric company to embrace plant-based proteins.

Brazilian company JBS, the world’s largest meat producer, recently launched its own lab to manufacture plant-based meats. The company is now working to expand its portfolio to include five new plant-based meat products.

Greenleaf Foods—a subsidiary of Canadian meat processing giant Maple Leaf Foods— invested $310 million last year to build a plant-based protein processing plant in Shelbyville, Indiana. The new facility will allow the company to increase the production capacity of its plant-based meat brands, Field Roast and Lightlife Foods.

Last summer, the world’s largest pork products producer, Smithfield Foods, launched its first meat-free range. The Pure Farmland brand features “bleeding” plant-based burgers, breakfast patties, meatballs, and ground beef style “protein starters.” Some of the products also feature dairy-free cheese.

Chi Farms’ new vegan burgers should hit supermarket shelves by the end of 2020. The company is currently working on the development of vegan sausage. Chi Farms will trial the plant-based sausages by the end of June.